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You can't be anarchist before you decolonize your mind.

Anarchism and antiracism occasionally collide and when they do it is always racism that is victorious and not anti-racism nor anarchism. The reason for that is that anarchists should first decolonize their minds before they accept anarchism. Let me give you an example; in western countries there are all kinds of groups and individuals that claim to be anarchist and they say that their perspective on anarchism is the only true anarchist perspective. For me the base of anarchism is that everybody is free to do whatever they want as long as their actions don't harm others living things. From a humans perspective my freedom ends where anybody elses freedom begins. To decide how your acts aren't harming others you have to discuss and reach consesus.
Every person that has read and discussed about anarchism knows that having a discussion about how to be anarchist is often a whole experience itselve since everybody has their own personal version of anarchism. Not rarely this is a version they feel comfortable enough with not having to alter their every day activities to much to fit their profile of an anarchist. Also a lot of with anarchist identifying individuals are actually abusing anarchism to be destructive people that don't even clean after themselves because "they can do or not do whatever they want" according to their personal version of being anarchist. That with this rebelious (actually their is nothing rebelious about being a piece of shit) behavior they jeopardize the health and safety of others, an unsafe situation they just ignore. People try to act like they know everything and they are untouchable while they can't even prepare themselves a proper meal or clean a plate because their version of anarchism prevented them from learning these basic skills. This all being said, all previously mentioned is the reason why i'm pretty cautious about identifying myself with anarchism. I believe the whole ideology of anarchism comes closest to my view of how to be a human being in a world full of other humans without harming each other. So, i do follow many guidelines of anarchism but i refuse to let anarchism decide which path i take. For me, no by humans written ideology can be that perfect that i will design whole my life around it. Especially since nobody agrees on how anarchism actually should be practiced in our personal daily lives. I also believe that pure and die hard anarchists do amazing things across the world and i don't want them to be seen by you as the individuals, group dynamics and subcultures i criticize in this story, i hope that is perfectly clear to all readers.

Anarchism doesn't acknowledge authority for institutes like states, governments, judges and so on. I strongly agree on this with anarchism, only i have different reasons to not acknowledge them as legit authorities;  anti-racist reasons. States, goverments, countries, whatever are all enforcing their authority out of racist motives, most governments on the globe are in power because of racism or proxy racism. All institutes in power serve white supremacy including all European political parties. That is why i stopped voting a long time ago since my vote would go to a party that only protected the interests of capitalism and other governments. Whatever i would vote i would be putting my oppressors more in power over me than they already were because there is no political party that is for non-white and puts non-whites interests on top of their priorties. A party like that could change the racist policies bit by bit. And this is where for me personal the conflict between anarchism and antiracism makes its introduction.

Coming Dutch elections will be historical elections no matter what the outcome will be. This will be the first time, in 500 years of domination by white supremacy, there will be an almost complete non white political party in a European country and this political party also has anti white supremacy in its approach and structure. This political party even integrated all the key activities in their political program that i, as an activist, do on a daily base. This political party will be a huge statement to the system of racism and to white supremacy in general. There will be an opposition in an organ that is responsible for creating and maintaining a system of oppression. The only two ways you can destroy racism is by violence or by being in power to change that system. Ofcourse i will stay sceptical about all actions this political party will take and we will have to monitor them all the time so they won't get corrupted by white supremacy. Still, only this powerful signal we can give to white supremacy is for me reason enough to go and help this small tool of antiracism in this massive machine of white supremacy. For that reason i will go vote for the first time in a long, long time coming elections. My vote will not be an act of legitimizing some fake authority, it will be an act of sabotage in this system we call racism. Maybe a tiny act of sabotage but it could be enough to weaken a whole structure. Out of anti-racist perspective i have no other choice than to go vote for DENK march 15th.

Ofcourse i'm in this anarchist scene long enough to know that the people that shout the loudest that everybody should practice anarchism as they believe is best also will be the first people to come and criticize my decision i took as a victim of racism. They will criticize it because it collides with the almost sacred 'rule' their white subculture lives by;  "anarchists do not vote".
I can totally respect that they do not break with those 'rules' and that they don't agree with my decision, however i can only respect that because i know that they are not victims of racism so their perspective on this is not the same. For them it is not relevant if DENK will be in house of parliament or not. While for me it is a crucial milestone in our self defense against the group that exploits  kills, invades, colonizes etc our peoples already for five centuries. And first of all i am a victim of racism before i am a person indentifying with anarchism, which i don't even completely do because of situations like this. Strangely enough they do identify as anti-racist but they deligitimize my act of anti-racism. You can see that conversations with white anarchists on this subject can be amusing, troubling or energy consuming.

I will take this story one step further and will reveal you the racist tactics that are being used by white anti-racists to attack non white anti-racism organisations or movements. In this particular situation the target of racist tactics is DENK. I find it important to show people this behaviour because most people are not aware themselves that the tactics they use have a racist origine and cause.

DENKS founders are two Turkish-Dutch politicians that use to be chosen representatives for the workers party PvdA, because PvdA did several harmful and racist acts these two non-white chosen representatives did not want to associate themselves with their board anymore so they left and took their seats in parliament with them. You can think all different things about this action but wat they did was completely legal by parliament rulings and some other big parties started of as this splinter departement of another big party in parliament. The fascist Party of Freedom is one of those parties and now one of the biggest party in parliament. Anyway, since the movement DENK got launched there were immediately propaganda campaigns against this group. Frames like them not respecting women and them wanting to actively convert the Netherlands to islam. The two biggest frames were also the two most racist frames. The first frame was that the founders of DENK sympathized wit Erdogan, they were at one point even Erdogans "long arm", that's how vicious these frames were. This sympathy with Erdogan is something they strongly deny themselves. One of the founders even explained on national t.v. that this was false and why it was false (Oog in Oog, NPO)
The other frame was that DENK didn't acknowledge the Armenian genocide. I will cover both frames seperatly and i'll start with the Armenian genocide frame.

White press, white political parties, and random white citizens were at one point focussing on DENKs founders statement on the Armenian genocide that happened during the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Because genocide is in all international courts a violation of human rights and a crime against humanity white people found it really important to force the two founders of DENK into a statement. The two had a real good sense of the tactics used against them and they stated that they would not take an official stand in this matter because the reasons why they were asked for a statement were not the reasons why any person should have to make a statement of whatsoever. As long as their statement was only used for a powergame no statement on the death of 1 milion people was a proper one because these victims would than serve as a wager in a pokergame. In my opinion this was the only statement these men could have made. Also the claim that Turkey was solely guilty of those deaths minimizes the role white Europe had in this matter because of their attemps to and eventually succes of defeating the Ottomans the whole situation arose from where al these people died. Forcing these two people into an official statement was an attempt to frame them and to erase Europes responsibility in this whole event. Also the need to convict non-white people of atrocities while at the same time whole of Europe denies their responsibility in the biggest atrocities that happened over five centuries is nothing else than racism on the highest levels of power. Very strange that anarchists engage in these frames that are actually games that are being played at the highest political level.
To top it all of nobody ever mentions that the Dutch governments official statement is that they will not acknowledge the Armenian genocide. I never heard any journalist or politician ask the PM about the Dutch official statement... but ofcourse that doesn't benifit white supremacy.


And now the scond frame which i especially hear constantly by anarchists, white antiracists and not coincidentally by fascists and racists. The connections between the members of Denk and Erdogan or even the grey wolves. You just have to google some of these key words and you find lots and lots of propaganda with these frames.
I asked all the people that warned me for the connections between DENK and the grey wolves for evidence of their accusation and nobody ever showed me undeniable evidence. I saw some pictures of a child that made a hand signal, supposably the sign of the grey wolves, toward the camera while he was standing next to Tunahan Kuzu. I also read this suggestive interview that was weeks before publishing it presented as proof for this connection, this same white movement that published it recently called the solid proof a result of identity politics. So now they say DENK is reluctant to condemn Turkish nationalist, reluctancy to condemn is not the same as having strong connections with. Also this movement is not the best example to follow in their policy on identity politics. I will not delegitimize a whole non white organisation on rumors, frames, and some kids hand signals without any concrete evidence. Non white people have been stereotyped as being unreliable or corrupt or whatever since the rise of white supremacy, i refuse to let this built-in predjudice be the guide of my way of decision making. I will be the first to acknowledge any of my misjudgements, i have to be for my reliability. All of those white anarchists that buy these frames without receiving any evidence for it do this out of  racism. Not that they are willingly racist but because for centuries white people were fed with the idea that you should only trust your own etnicity and that all non European influences are not to be trusted. These frames were used to indoctrinate the minds of millions of white people so they could oppress all non-white people easier. When you have the collective believe that non-whites are not to be trusted it is easier for the state to violate non-whites rights. Nobody will question acts against people you were conditioned to distrust. You will accept their rights being violated and the accusations against them without the slightest evidence of their responsibility. This is racism, this is indoctrination by white supremacy and i refuse to even take part in this. Historically it were the white Europeans that were not to be trusted, they made billions of victims with their manipulation tactics, devide and conquer politics and they mastered the art of framing and propaganda. Because of that for me a frame like in DENKS case triggers an immediate alarm, i will not trust any accusations from white groups against non-whites untill i see solid evidence. I will not stop supporting a non-white group because of rumours and speculations, those same tactics killed a lot of my ancestors. Sorry white people, but you have all the facts and history against you. It's dangerous for non-white people to trust you without first doing research ourselves. I asked all those anarchists that tried to convince me to present me solid proof but none of them ever came back with that evidence. This makes me conclude that they don't have any solid evidence. I support the fight against the Turkish nationalist movement but i will not pollute my perspective with some racist mindset so i need that evidence.
Instead of bringing evidence or stop their framing they just ignore me and refuse to discuss this with me, even though they felt this issue was so important for us in the first place. Instead of bringing me evidence they kept going on with their racist mindsets and attack this non-white organisation, shoulder to shoulder with fasists and other white supremacists. Learn here more about the racist indoctrination with stereotyping like in this case the arabface stereotype.


And that is how racism will be victorious when anarchism and racism collide. Anarchism is a great ideology but can be destructive when anarchist don't first decolonize their minds.

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